She’s made hundreds of unique visual and strategy projects.

“Mastering the art of inviting isn’t just about skill – it’s about learning from life itself. Have you ever noticed how what’s inviting varies from person to person and moment to moment? For some, there’s nothing quite as inviting as a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. For others, it’s an ice-cold drink, no matter what the weather. It’s all about individual tastes, preferences, and personal associations. That, to me, is the true art of inviting – knowing what truly resonates with you.”

Uttara Shah

Founder & Creative Director

It feels good to have been recognised nationally for our work. It keeps us inspired – and humble – as we move towards the next milestone, and the next.




Craftmanship / making ideation &
concept process

The most traditional of symbols, patterns and motifs given a whole new look and feel on our drawing boards, as we went ahead with crafting the card – taking care, as usual, to get all the details right.

Ganesha went geometric – with every fold immaculately in place. Mogra blossoms emerged in delicate white emboss all around the edge of the inserts.
Gold glittered in the handwoven cloth backdrop, with hand-teased edges, from which single strands were picked out to form a delicate instrumentation.

Resplendent silken colours featured like sari-borders on the headers of each insert – offsetting the bold gold foil patterns.
All placed in layers – level upon level and framed with love, for keeps!

Craftmanship / making ideation & concept process

One of the finest card designers out there, with the most unique & out-of-the-box ideas. It was a pleasure working with Uttara, Ravi & the rest of their beautiful team.

Whatever the expectation – real or virtual, audio or video, sensory or cerebral, customised gifts or curated themes – the difference lies in the art of knowing what is inviting and how to make it true.


Where invitations become works of art